About Us

Astoria Park Alliance exists to ensure the conservation and sustainability of Astoria Park for all New Yorkers by empowering public partnerships. We create programming that reflects that cultural diversity of our community and meets the needs of our users.

APA advocates for green and open space in the park, with a keen eye on environmental issues. We maintain a close relationship with our fellow park users, facilitating communication with the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation and local appointed and elected officials. 

We are a non-profit community volunteer group based in Astoria, NY and encourage on new residents to attend community voice meetings and join our team. Volunteer in Astoria!

Astoria Park Alliance believes that building a community starts in the park!

Established in 2007, APA was formed by a group of community volunteers who wanted to make sure the park was welcoming for all of its users. Throughout the years, APA has served as a voice for the community, addressing issues of safety, ecology, park usage, and sanitation.

In aiding to celebrate APA's progress over the last 10 years, 2017 marks the year the Alliance will become an official 501C3 Not-For-Profit organization.

Astoria Park Alliance hosts Community Voice Meetings  on the 1st Tuesday of each month at the Bohemian Hall Beer Garden classroom space. From Spring to Autumn we organize bi-weekly volunteer opportunities in the park. Visit our event calendar to discover how you can get involved in Astoria Park.

ANTHONY LIBERATOSCIOLI, Vice Chair, Event Volunteer Lead
DOUGLAS MONACO, Marketing Communications Director, Social Media Manager
JOE VELLA, Administrative Director