About Us

Astoria Park Alliance exists to ensure the conservation and sustainability of Astoria Park for all New Yorkers by empowering public partnerships. We create programming that reflects that cultural diversity of our community and meets the needs of our users.

APA advocates for green and open space in the park, with a keen eye on environmental issues. We maintain a close relationship with our fellow park users, facilitating communication with the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation and local appointed and elected officials. 

We are a non-profit community volunteer group based in Astoria, NY and encourage on new residents to attend community voice meetings and join our team. Astoria Park Alliance believes that building a community starts in the park — so come out and volunteer with us!

Astoria Park Alliance hosts Community Voice Meetings  on the 1st Tuesday of each month at the Bohemian Hall Beer Garden classroom space. From Spring to Autumn we organize bi-weekly volunteer opportunities in the park. Visit our event calendar to discover how you can get involved in Astoria Park.


Established in 2007, APA was formed by a group of community volunteers who wanted to make sure the park was welcoming for all of its users. Throughout the years, APA has served as a voice for the community, addressing issues of safety, ecology, park usage, and sanitation.

In 2017 the Alliance will become an official 501C3 Not-For-Profit organization.

DOUGLAS MONACO, Communications Outreach Director
JOE VELLA, Secretary
STEPHANIE BERRY, Volunteer & Membership Director

Board of Trustees

Meet the Officers


Anthony Liberatoscioli,


Having grown up on Long Island, I've always had a wandering eye towards New York City and have now proudly lived in Astoria for over 14 years. Astoria is my young family's home, and Astoria Park is our backyard. What I love about Astoria Park Alliance is how none of us are afraid to get our hands dirty, put in the sweat and effort, and do real, tangible work in the park. My friends and colleagues in APA all work so hard to care for and improve the park: to make it the place of dreams for my kids and the thousands of children in Astoria. My most gratifying accomplishment with APA has been the revitalization of the long dormant bocce court. Seeing the most beautifully scenic court in all of New York City come back to life has been a source of great pride for this child of Italian immigrants. I am so delighted by the work we have already done, and deeply excited by the opportunities for so much more in Astoria Park's bright future.

Doug Monaco.jpeg

Doug Monaco, Communications

Having resided in five distinct Astoria apartment complexes over the last 14 years, I’ve consistently been drawn towards Astoria Park. Whether utilizing the track against its beautiful horizon or catching some summer sun on the waterfront lawns, Astoria Park became a magnet for meaningful experiences. When I came across some signage for APA’s signature ShoreFest event I knew it was an opportunity to give back to the community. For the last two years I’ve taken pride in communicating the APA mission by expanding our community outreach efforts and social media network. The Alliance has allowed me to gain invaluable leadership experience while making lifelong friendships along the way. Helping to advocate for sustainability initiatives and fostering a welcoming environment for diversity and inclusion has proven to be a truly fulfilling investment that I’m excited to build on.


Joe Vella, Secretary

As a native Astorian, my life-long love of and attachment to Astoria Park began many years ago. My favorite parts of the park are its iconic setting along the East River, between the bridges, as well as the green space the park offers the neighborhood: its trees and gardens especially the butterfly/pollinator garden, which underwent a major revitalization this year led by APA and volunteers from the community. A couple of years ago, finding myself with some extra time on my hands and the need to do something meaningful with those hours, I wandered into one of the monthly Astoria Park Alliance meetings. There I discovered a wonderful group of people dedicated to the park and helping out in the community. It's been such a positive, learning and enriching experience as we are all working together for the park. It's been an honor working with my friends at APA as well as everyone I've met in the community, and the people who come from near and far to help out in the park.


Brian Schliessman, Treasurer

As a New Yorker from the start, after college I returned looking for my life's challenges. I have lived in Astoria since 2010 and have loved every minute. Working in midtown everyday, as I get off the train at Ditmars station, it's as if I'm in a different city. And Astoria Park has been a haven for me and my family from the beginning. It started when my wife and I would walk through the park, and love the view of the city in the background. After having a child, anytime going into Astoria Park it's as if we were upstate and out of the city for the time we are there. And now that I have become part of Astoria Park Alliance I feel I can help the sustainability and everything that is so GREAT about Astoria Park. APA is such a wonderful organization with dedicated volunteers. It’s the best thing I feel I am apart of in my life, so I hope we can impact for the next generation..

Board of Trustees
The Astoria Park Alliance Board serves as the conscience of the organization. It is charged with maintaining its growth, advising the officers, and promoting the conservation and well being of Astoria Park.


Martha Lopez-Gilpin, Board President

While my husband Mike and I were in the process of rescuing our dog, Princi, we walked to Astoria Park to calm our nerves and get some exercise. There, we found a group of lovely dogs and their people playing. We were welcomed into the community and together, as a community, we began picking up garbage and getting off leash hours officially recognized in Astoria Park. That led to meeting and befriending Jules Corkery, Kim Waber, Clare Doyle, Connie Arroyo, and lots of other wonderful people who loved Astoria Park and wanted to keep it clean, safe and fun. Ten years ago, with the help of Partnership for Parks, we formed Astoria Park Alliance. From day one, good folks have donated time out of their busy lives to hash it out, roll up their sleeves and DO. We clean, plant, paint, rake, weed, edge, water and mulch. We chat things over with park users, and cart around tools and supplies. We survey and fundraise. We attend meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, and ask questions. We listen. We host and facilitate a lot of fests. We partner with great organizations, businesses, elected and appointed officials. I am honored to be a part of a group of Astoria Park champions who represent ideological, cultural, economic, generational, and philosophical differences. I adore these people, and their wonderful families that sacrifice time with them. I, like you, love the community that is Astoria Park.